BASE Jump Extreme World Championship, Benidorm, Spain June 2011 - 1st place

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See Dan's rapanui blog here Rapanui blog

Dan also has his own fanclub on facebook


13 years in the sport.

1300+ jumps (so far).

380+ objects.

150+ buildings.

30 countries.

17 years skydiving / 1300+ jumps.



World BASE Cup (Petronas Event 2003/2004)

Moscow BASE Open Air 2004

Hungary Real BASE Boogie 2005

1st UKprobase Crane Boogie 2006

GoFast Xdays Rotterdam 2007

GoFast Xdays Crane Boogie, Zoulder, Belgium 2007

2nd UKprobase Crane Boogie 2007

Full Tour of Malaysia 2007

1st Indoor BASE World Cup (Tropical Island Event, Berlin) 2008

Spain BASE 2008, Benidorm

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge Boogie 2008

3rd UKprobase Crane Boogie 2008

Tiankeng Cave, China 2008

Spain BASE 2009, Benidorm

Diverse Crane Boogie, Poland 2009

KL Tower Event 2009, Malaysia

Spain BASE 2010, Benidorm

KL Tower Event 2010, Malaysia

BASEJUMP Extreme World Championship 2011, Benidorm - Winner!


Special Jumps:

Angel Falls, Venezuela (The hard way...)

The Mushroom, Switzerland

Table Mountain, South Africa

Tiankeng Cave, China

Sharkfin Building, Malaysia

Wembley Stadium, England

Crist the Redeemer Statue, Portugal

Millenium Stadium, Wales

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Humber Bridge, England

Salisbury Cathedral, England

Nelson's Column, England

Ostankino TV Tower, Russia

Blackpool Tower, England

PepsiMax Big One, Rollercoaster, England

Stealth Rollercoaster, England

O2 Arena, England

Heron Tower, England

London Stock Exchange, England

The Barbican, England

The Shard, England

Knightsbridge Guards Barracks




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