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Learn to Base Jump with Dan the Man.

Would you like to learn how to base jump? Then you are looking just the right place. See the FJC tab for details.

Daniel Witchalls is one of Britain's most prolific BASE jumpers. He has done most of London's icons - Nelson's Column, Wembley Stadium, O2 Arena to just name a few - as well as many around the world, notching up nearly 1,900 BASE jumps from over 540 objects during the last 19 years (217 different buildings in over 40 countries!)

He is double BASE World Champion (2011 and 2016) and Airgamez Champion 2017. Dan also teaches new BASE jumper, have a look at the FJC section if you are interested.

Whether you are here to admire his work or would like more information prior starting your own BASE career, have a look around.

"Everyone dies. Not everyone lives."



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FJC slots are available for Summer. Contact Dan for more information.

New video uploaded under the FJC section!