Cutting Edge's "The me who jump of buildings" (Aired first time in 2010):media1

eurosports'scoverage of BASE World Championship (2011): media2

6 pages feature in the Player Magazine (2012): media3

The Sun's coverage on Cheesegrater jump (2014): media4

The Sun's coverage on Shard jump (2012): media5

The Evening Standard coverage on Hilton jump (2008): media6

The point of no return (2010): media7

Lights...Camera...Action: media8

Dunmow Broadcast (2012): media9

This is total essex (2012): media10

Dan's jump with Michael Fish: media11

Lambeth 2013: media14

Rapanui's clothing collection featured DTM: media12

Dan also has his own facebook fanclub page: media13